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Boxed Color: Expectation vs Reality

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Boxed color from the drug store may seem like a quick and easy way to achieve a look you want. A common mistake that is made by clients looking for an inexpensive way to color their hair is by using boxed color. The biggest issue with boxed color is the unpredictable results. Boxed color is said to alter a wide range of hair types and shades without a guarantee.

There have been many cases where clients have come in and the integrity of their hair has been completely damaged because of boxed color. To maintain the integrity of your hair, it is best to have it professionally colored in a salon.

Color formulas are personalized for each client in the salon. Several factors go into professional color services including: the natural level of your hair, your skin tone, the percentage of gray (if any), and any previous chemicals on the hair.

If you are looking for a certain color, you are not going to get the color on the box. The only way to get the color on the box is if your hair was completely white.

Boxed color is extremely damaging to your hair. It has the highest count of ammonia. Depending on products already on your hair, boxed color can react towards them. If you are currently using boxed color and you havent had any issues yet, trust us, in time you will. The product builds up in your hair, clogging it, causing the color to look dull and your hair to feel damaged. If you were thinking about using boxed color, think about your hair, there's no guarantee your hair will look like the picture on the box.

When going into a corrective color appointment, it is important to tell your stylist what products you have used on your hair because there could also be a reaction with the boxed color and professional products.

Corrective colors are a process. There have been cases where clients have been in the salon for hours because color remover needed to be applied to bring the hair back to a healthier state. Depending on the state of the hair, sometimes clients will have to wait a few weeks to continue the process because we do not want to risk the integrity of the hair. Although our salon uses professional products with low ammonia and sulfates, the hair can only take so many chemicals in one sitting.

Along with being long process, corrective colors are also an investment. While boxed color may seem like the inexpensive alternative, with color corrections, your boxed color will be a lot more of a hassle than you expected.

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