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The Best Shampoo & Conditioner for You!

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

#LEleganceFAQ ✨ Q: How do I know what shampoo and conditioner to use? What's the best one? 💆🏻 A: Always go professional! Drugstore brands tend to strip hair or build up in hair creating a nasty wax on the hair. Ask your stylist what they recommend for you since they know your hair best and can guide you in the right direction. The deciding factor is your hair and scalp type —let's break it down: Coarse and or curly hair: Moisturizing and hydrating to keep your curls shiny and feeling great Fine: Light and volumizing, don't be worried about using conditioner, it will NOT weigh your hair down at all Frizzy: smoothing or anti humidity Colored: Sulfate free! Chemical free! Don't be afraid to go organic! There are colored conditioners that will help keep you looking fresh! Blonde: PURPLE SHAMPOO! Combat that yellow and brass! 🌸⭐️ Comment if you have any questions you need answered!

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