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Blow-Dry Hacks For a Perfect Blowout

How do I get a salon-style blow-dry at home? This is a question we frequently get asked by clients! We've got you covered with 5 super easy blow-dry hacks to help you achieve all of your hair goals at home in between your appointments!

Blowdry Hack 1: Choose the Right Tools

A good blowout starts with a good round brush. As hairdressers, we are always on the lookout for the next best brush. Right now we are obsessing with the Olivia Garden Speed XL Collection. This brush holds more hair on the brush, holds firm but not uncomfortable, and adds a beautiful smooth shine to the hair.

Blowdry Hack 2: Use the Right Products

The next step to your perfect blowout is selecting the right products for you. We cannot live without a good smoothing cream, and Daily Keratin is our most recent love. It adds just enough weight to the hair to keep it tamed all day long, is perfect for everyone, and pairs well with any styling products. You can always as your stylist for product recommendations and for our Kevin.Murphy lovers, you can use their Matchmaker Quiz!

Blowdry Hack 3: Rough It

A common mistake when blowdrying your hair is going in too early with a brush when it is still wet. Rough dry your hair for a few minutes until it is about 80% dry, and then go in with your ceramic round brush. This will ensure an even blowout and you won't leave your house with wet clumps of hair.

Blowdry Hack 4: Section, Section, Section!

If you're pressed for time, you might be tempted to take large sections of hair to dry it the quickest. Take the time to section your hair into manageable parts to ensure a smooth blow-dry every time.

Blowdry Hack 5: Set It

Once you have sectioned and blow-dried to perfection, set your look with a flexible setting spray to ensure it lasts all day long without that crunchy feel. One of our favorite setting sprays is Kevin.Murphy Bedroom Hair.

Those are our 5 blow-dry hacks! Let us know what other styling hacks you would like to see!

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