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How often should I...?

How often should I..? Your most common hair related questions answered by your L'Elegance stylists.

How often should I color my hair?

The frequency of your color appointments depends on your color service and hair type:

1. Retouch (root coverage for grey/regrowth)

2-8 weeks, depending on growth and grey percentage.

2. Toner: 3-6 weeks, depending on how often you wash your hair

3. Glossings: 4-8 weeks

4, Full Highlight: 8-12 weeks, we recommend a partial foil every other visit

5. Balayage: 8-12 weeks

How often should I deep condition*?

You can deep condition your hair once a week to one time a month, depending on the dryness and damage to your hair.

How often should I cut my hair*?

1. Short cut: every 4 weeks

2. Medium length: every 6-8 weeks

3. Long: every 8 weeks

How often should I use my purple shampoo*?

1. Warm/natural blonde tones: every 3-4 washes

2. Silver + grey tones: every or every other wash (as needed!)

3. Cool blonde tones: every other or every 3rd wash

*Any of these services and treatments can be done as needed. You know your hair!

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