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HOW TO | Healthy Hair Growth

Simple ways to make your hair grow faster in 2020

On average, your hair grows about ½ inch per month. While there are many factors that will contribute to how quickly your hair will grow including age, overall health and hair type, we've come up with a list of small changes you can make this year to promote healthy hair growth!

1. Brush Your Hair Daily Brushing your hair will stimulate your scalp, causing blood circulation to happen. Blood nourishes the hair follicle which stimulates hair growth and keeps your root stronger.

2. Take Your Daily Vitamins

Vitamin A is an important factor as all cells need vitamin a for growth, including hair! Be cautious! Too much of this vitamin may be dangerous and can cause hair loss.

Vitamin C creates a protein called collagen which is essential for healthy hair

Vitamin D keeps your skin nourished, and your scalp is your skin.

Vitamin E it contains antioxidants that repair hair follicles, the most important vitamin for hair growth

Additional supplements can include folic acid and Vitamin B12.

3. Balanced Diet

What you put in you comes out in your hair and skin. When you eat the right food groups, it will show in your hair!

4. Exercise

This will also increase blood flow!

5. At Home Hair Care

Choosing products that are made with ingredients such as super foods, essential oils, or aloe vera are key to a healthy scalp and hair. Certain products can clog the hair pore making it difficult for hair to grow. Come in for a consultation on what product is best for you or take the Kevin.Murphy Quiz!

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