Quarantine Hacks | RPM CBD

Here are some of our quarantine hacks brought to you by some of our favorite RPM CBD products

1. RPM Hand Sanitizer: 70% alcohol based hand sanitizes with high quality and moisturizing ingredients including pharmaceutical grade CBD and aloe vera. Still in stock!

2. RPM Body Lotion: this is a great product for dry skin from sanitizing and washing.

3. RPM Soft Gels: take 1x daily to help boost your mood and ease anxiety during these stressful and uncertain times.

4. RPM Muscle + Joint Relief: ease back and neck pain from sitting all day by rolling this product on for muscle relief. It can also be used after working out.

5. RPM CBD Dog Treats: we can’t forget our furry friends! These dog treats will help ease anxiety from quarantine and new routines.



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