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14 Days of Self Care

Social-Distancing can feel isolating, which is why we put together 14 Days of Self Care during this trying time. We challenge you to try some of these tips at home while we all help to flatten the curve!

Day 1: At home scalp treatment

Step 1. Exfoliate your scalp using a boar bristle brush

Step 2. Wash your hair with RPM CBD Shampoo

Step 3. Massage your scalp with RPM CBD Treatment Conditioner

Step 4: Let the conditioner sit for 15 minutes

Step 5: Rinse and blow dry

Day 2: Bubble bath & Skin Care

Our favorite bubble bath and shower gel

Day 3: Meditation

We challenge you to pause and mediate for 10 minutes

Day 4: Massage & Moisturize

Massages are known for improving blood circulation which can help relax aching muscles.

Day 5: Get yourself glamourous

Day 6: Exercise!

We have been following along with Fit30 Training's instagram challenges

Day 7: Read a good book

Day 8: Get outside and soak up the vitamin d

Day 9: Deep conditioning treatment

Step 1. Wash hair (you'll love Sachajuan Moisturizing Shampoo!)

Step 2. Apply Hair Repair

Step 3. Wrap in hot towel and let sit for 10 minutes

Step 4. Rinse and blow dry

Day 10: Listen to a good playlist

Some of our favorite Spotify Playlists are All the Feels and 70s Smash Hits

Day 11: Do a random act of kindness

Day 12: Break out your cookbooks and bake something

Day 13: Get creative! Draw, paint, sing, dance, anything to get the creativity flowing!

Day 14: Give yourself a fresh style

Try something new! Here's Noelle's tutorial on curling

Take the time and do something for yourself!

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