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10 Quick Style Tips

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

We've asked our stylists for their favorite quick style tips. Try and incorporate them into your daily hair routine!

  1. Before using a hot tool, be sure that your hair is 100% dry

  2. Use a Thermal Protector Spray on your hair when using a hot tool

  3. Use a Texture Spray like Kevin Murphy Hair Resort on dry hair before using a curling iron to create a beach look

  4. When using hair oil, apply it mid-shaft to end so your hair does not get weighed down

  5. Combine products! Use a serum on the ends of your hair to polish your look and use a root spray such as Eudora Boost for a volumized crown

  6. For a natural looking curly style, use a microfiber towel or t-shirt to get the moisture out of your hair without roughing up the cuticle. After, let your hair air dry or diffuse.

  7. When blow drying your hair, make sure the dryer is pointing down on the hair to prevent frizz

  8. Don’t go to bed with wet hair! This can cause mold on your scalp. See our blog post about blow drying your hair here

  9. To create texture, use Kevin Murphy Free Hold on either wet or dry hair

  10. If your hair is fine and stressed, use Kevin Murphy Full Again for quick volume with a brush-able feel

We hope you enjoyed these tips! Let us know some of your favorite tips!

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