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The difference between at-home and professional color

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

We always say not to DIY your hair and color it at home, but why? We're going to take you through some of the main differences between at-home and professional color as well compare the ingredients in typical box dye and professional hair color.

The major difference between at-home and professional color is that box dye is a one size fits all where your professional stylist customizes and mixes a formula specific to your hair needs and goals. Box dye simply stains the hair and the results are unpredictable. They are often misleading as it is difficult to achieve your desired look through one process. We have worked on many at home color corrections where the client thought they would be able to go from a dark hair color to a beautiful blonde in just one session.

Professional stylists are licensed for formulate properly. We understand hair limits and know when the hair has had enough process. Because of this, depending on the desired look, we will take multiple sessions to ensure the integrity of your hair. Our formulas are completely customizable to help you achieve your hair goals. We are also able to adjust the formula based on the condition of your hair.

Another difference between at-home and professional color are the ingredients.

Common Ingredients in Box Dye:

  • P-Phenylenediamine (PPD): commonly causes allergic reactions such as itchy, red skin and inflammation

  • Ammonia: there are high amounts of ammonia in box dye which roughly opens your hair cuticle causing damage

  • Alkalizers: box dye is high in alkalizers which removes the moisture in your hair. Alkilizers swells the hair causing it to become frizzy and brittle

  • Little to no conditioning agents: conditioning agents protect the hair and add back moisture and shine

Our professional products are formulated with quality, naturally derived ingredients, free from PPD and ammonia. Some ingredients include: honey, pomegranate, shea butter, rosehip, almond oil, grape seed oil.

Going to a professional for your color services gives you the ultimate self care and salon experience. If you have previously used box dye on your hair, tell us! We need to know what previous products and treatments have been done to your hair to provide you with the best color service for your hair.

Don’t forget, if you make the investment to color your hair, you need to use professional shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair to make it last. At home care is a must! Your hair is your crown you never take off. Give it some love and use quality products! [Read more: How To Choose the Right Shampoo]

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