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How to Pick the Right Brush For Your Perfect Blowdry

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Happy New Year! Let's ring in the new year with some new style tips. We've posted some of our blowdry hacks last year and in this post, we're going to expand on our first hack – choosing the right tools. There are many different types of brushes, so let's break it down for you!

Round Brushes

1. Large Round Brush

Large round brushes are great for longer hair. They control more hair at once. These will give you a smoother, straighter finish.

2. Medium Round Brush

Medium brushes are perfect for shorter to medium length hair and are also the most common size brush. They are easier to manage than the large brush and will help you easily smooth the root out, give you more body and curve at the ends.

3. Small Round

Small round brushes are perfect for short and pixi length hair. Small round brushes also give the most volume at the root.

Bristle Type

1. Boar Bristle

Smoothest. Great for smoothing curls and unruly baby hairs around the face.

2. Nylon

Great for smoothing and curling hair

3. Plastic with rounded tips

Tend to snag the hair with less control

Ceramic vs Metal Coated

When choosing a brush, make sure you choose a ceramic brush as metal can burn the hair.

Additional Tips

We like to use multiple brushes for the different areas of the head. We recommend using small to medium sized round brushes at the base of your head and then switching to either medium or large round brushes (depending on your hair length) for the ends.

Nylon with ceramic base brushes are our favorite. They smooth the hair, control volume and shape. They glide through the hair with no issues. The concave design also gives more grip onto the hair.

Are there any other style tips you would like this year? Let us know!

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